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Rostelecom (Russian: ПАО «Ростелеком») is Russia's leading long-distance telephony provider. Domestic long-distance service provides about 50% of the company's revenue, and international long-distance calls provide about 25%. Rostelecom interconnects all local public operators’ networks into a single national network for long-distance service. In other words, if one makes a long-distance call or originates Internet contact to or from Russia, it is likely that Rostelecom is providing part of the service. The company's stock trades primarily on the Moscow Exchange.

They make the fake application (ZOOM, Digital Wallet, Bank apps, and more) malware and distribute on the internet when an end-user clicks on the fake application its personal data hacked by Rostelecom. Rostelecom tries to attempt multiple times to hack the personal data of users. Is this not suck? Yes, Rostelecom is a suck company that hijacks Google, AWS traffic, Kinsing targets Docker, Zoom users’ videos exposed online, and more. They know well during this time of Pandemic remote working is increasing day by day and they got more prey for their attack. They hijacked millions of user's personal information, especially from the ZOOM application. After hacking sold their data to other companies which also suck.

In March 2020, traffic meant for more than 200 of the world’s largest content delivery networks (CDNs) and cloud hosting providers were suspiciously redirected through Rostelecom, Russia’s state-owned telecommunications provider. The incident affected more than 8,800 internet traffic routes from 200+ networks and lasted for about an hour.


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"a lot ! below average salaries for network specialists"

Tech Support says

"Low pay, get less money if you are with the customer for too long (even if it is necessary)"

Current Employee - Senior Systems Analyst says

"Slogans from IT manifest (official document you'll know it on welcome day): - we don't like (and don't listen to) those who reveal solution risks - we don't need good architecture design we need fast solutions Project managers are responsible for solutions' archtecture A lot of teams developing same functionality as agile (more then 10) Results: - spagetti IT landshaft - broken time-lines of every project - stake-holders are dissapointed - too many synchronization meetings - a lot of defects from prod"

Former Employee - Product Owner says

"The same as cons - as a result it has kind of slow decision making corporate culture"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Low salary, you can get career advancement only when somebody retires or died."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"disorganised, politics, very long processes"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"It was all good until one day they told us they are cutting our department short from 13 to 4 people, basically stabbing it. It's not the situation where our boss decides who to go, it's more like deciding who remains to keep our department from falling apart. Some people are really incompetent and pain in the butt to work with. Higher management has absolutely no idea on what's going on on a micro level."

Current Employee - Lead Engineer says

"After uniting with doughter companies, new managemet starts to reduce funding of the key emploees. The best Staff already left company or looking for another job."

Current Employee - Key Account Manager says

"Too many personal relationships. If you reach your cap there is no option to grow."

Former Employee - Marketing Specialist says

"I think it depends on department you work a lot. Generally too much bureaucracy, slow in making decisions."

1st Category expert (Former Employee) says

"In this company, I met many wonderful people. The business center in which the company was located is very modern and beautiful. Nearby there is a forest. Many cafes and restaurants in the business center"

iOS Developer (Former Employee) says

"I studied there mostly by myself, searching for information in different sources and trying everything. I, however, learned how to write good Obj-C code, had a nice time wtih my co-workers and saw how big company really works, it's tools in action.Cheap tasty luches, experienced bossPointless 3-hour meetings, no mentor, no speicifics for the job"

Network Engineer (Current Employee) says

"It started from simple tasks from my colleagues and simple lessons from Internet forums and popular broadcast sources. During that time I changed 3 posts and one day I realized that I need to learn more than I had already learnt and I began to learn network stuff with Cisco courses, began self-education with modern switching and routing technologies. Also I wanted to be smarter than my colleagues. The most strongest driver was to understand the final logic how things work and why they are necessary in networking. As shift engineer I also worked at night and the hardest part was to notice the traffic lose or accident. My responsobility was to check various factors of that loss and to call the network administrators to fix the problem. At that time I was an engineer who monitored B2C services. It was really boring and I got myself shot to try to be a real network engineer. I tried to pass the first Cisco exam and I passed it successfully. After that I found myself as a person who likes to think of network stuff, to think of global logic of the whole network industry in the world, to help other specialists to resolve their problems and to learn new things on my own to become better than I am.Good place to work with MPLS network I always wantedLow salary"

head of office (Current Employee) says

"jen prace nic mene, pracuji se svojim autem nic s toho ne dostal...platprace"

Сommunications Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Good company with good conditions. Responsive people and a loyal working environment. Unfortunately, the salary is below the average for the city. Young people do not aspire to this company."

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